Marpe Wellbeing

Wellbeing should be optimal for all.

Just as we go to the gym to keep fit, we believe therapy should be used to optimise our wellbeing.

We believe you do not need to burnout before getting therapy.

We believe in the curative and preventive.

Marpe Wellbeing is for you if:

  • You are struggling with your mental wellbeing.
  • You need to run through some things with a listening ear.
  • You have an established diagnosis of mental health illness.

We have highly qualified therapists and psychologists to address your needs and aim to help you feel good, look good and be your very best. Our therapists are highly experienced professionals who have gone through a rigorous selection process including interview and verification to ensure we are providing you with high quality therapy.

Chief Medical Director

Meet Dr Tobi - NHS GP 
Working as a GP exposes me to lots of mental health challenges and  so it quickly became one of my top passions. My objective is to help people champion their mental wellbeing and one of the key ways to do thit is via counselling and psychotherapy.

Our Values




There is a quote that says, ‘Love covers all!”. Love encompasses kindness, patience, and politeness. Because of our love and care for people, we want to see them at their best and we do what we do to help get them to their best self. 

We believe in high performance and delivery in a professional and proficient way. This means a number of things including looking presentable, being punctual and attentive, keeping up to date with knowledge in your sector and always seeking areas of improvement.

There are many parts to everyone, and we believe delivering care to anyone means considering all aspects to them. It forms part of our ethos of excellence and ensures all aspects are considered and addressed when delivering care to our clients.