Marpe Wellbeing

Internship Program

Put your knowledge to work.

Get ahead of the pack as an intern.

At Marpe, we're curious, imaginative, and intuitive. We invite you to consolidate the skills you’ve been building at university with valuable on-the-job training, in an environment that fosters expression and encourages personal contribution.

Our internship programme is targeted at given work experience to ambitious, passionate and high achieving young people. This is an opportunity for interns to hone their skills, gain valuable experience and be positioned as a strong candidate when they eventually get in the job market.

Digital Transformation

We are on a mission to build, and scale industry-disrupting ideas as we build the future of healthcare. The usage of digital technologies to enable universal healthcare access, improve healthcare quality/outcomes and enhance the health and physical and emotional well-being of the populations. Roles include: Psychology Associate Intern, Digital Strategy Intern, Software Engineer, amongst others. 

Strategic Operation

In today's highly competitive tech environment, strategic operations capabilities must be in place in order for us to provide services that meet and exceed customer requirements. Key issues such as cost, speed, quality, flexibility and constant innovation are all part of strategic operations you would explore. Roles include: Business Associate Intern, Healthcare Operations Intern, Research Intern amongst others.  

Here's our simple application process

Step 1: Online Application

Step 1: Online Application

  1. Send in your CV to
  2. Send in your personal statement. Your personal statement must include what you would like to get out of the internship porgramme. Some knowledge about Marpe Wellbeing and the role you're applying for.

Step 2: Interview

Step 2: Interview

The video interview will consist of a series of questions. You will be asked competency-based questions that look at different elements of your personality and workstyle.