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Therapy in the comfort of your own space via video technology. 

How it Works

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Therapy sessions offered:

Face-to-face online sessions from the comfort of wherever you choose with either a counsellor, psychotherapist or a psychologist.

  • 30-minute session
  • 50-minute session

Other features:

  • Teenage Counselling: We are one of the first platforms that allows young people over the age of 13 years to access therapy online. 
  • Journal and Mood Tracker: Marpe Wellbeing also has a unique function of an inbuilt diary which you may use to write down your thoughts and feelings daily. The information you keep here is strictly confidential and therapists do not have access to your journal.
  • Self Help Resources: A repository of self-help materials that addresses anxiety, depression, struggle sleeping, burnout, the effects of the pandemic, work strain, mood swings, low moods, work life balance, mental health stigma, and personal stories. 

Please note Marpe Wellbeing provides a non-emergency service. If your life is at threat or this is an emergency or crisis, we recommend that you seek urgent medical attention by calling 999 or attending your nearest accident and emergency. If you would like to talk so someone now, you may call Samaritans on 116 123.

Our Therapists

  • Therapists on Marpe Wellbeing are highly experienced and hold the appropriate qualifications and registrations for their respective professions. 
  • They are members of a select number of regulatory bodies including BPS, BACP, UKCP and HCPC which all reflect very high standards in these professions. The Therapists abide to the high standards of the codes of practice.
  • We give you quality professionals to deliver quality therapy to you. They undergo rigorous regulatory body memberships and interview.

Who is who?

Counsellor? Psychotherapist? Psychologist?

There is a lot of overlap in all three professions; however, they do have their differences, and one of which is in their level of qualification. 

Typically psychotherapists undergo a longer training than counsellors. While counselling psychologists have a higher level of qualifications - typically doctorate degrees.

Another difference is in the approach used:

Counselling psychologists tend to approach therapy from a more scientific angle. Psychotherapists use several approaches to deal with issues you may be facing but at a more greater depth than counsellors whom usually addresses more short term and acute issues. 

The amount and variability and level of experience is not determined by their title, and therefore we would encourage you to look into the therapists profile including their specialities to see which therapists is the best match for you.